Power, Violence and Justice: Reflections, Responses and Responsibilities. View from Russia

Вышел сборник статей к 19-му Конгрессу Международной социологической ассоциации «Власть, насилие и справедливость: размышления, реакции и ответственность» («Power, Violence and Justice: Reflections, Responses and Responsibilities», 15-21 июля 2018 года, Торонто (Канада)).

В сборник вошли материалы победителей IX Всероссийского конкурса выпускных, дипломных, бакалаврских квалификационных работ и магистерских диссертаций в области социологии детства (2018).

Также членами Исследовательского комитета РОС «Социология детства» было инициировано формирование раздела, посвященного изучению детей и подростков:

Part III. Childhood and Youth as a resource for the development of modern Russian society

  • Mayorova-Shcheglova Svetlana N. , Kolosova Elena A. Childhood and Children as the Objects of Sociological Research

Abstract: In the article are consistently presented three stages of the development of the sociology of childhood: from the study of children within the framework of sociological approaches to socialization theories and then to the gradual formation of a "new" sociology of childhood. The need to revise the periodization of childhood in the social sciences, which should be based on new facts, phenomena, features of children's activities, especially those related to informatization processes and consumer practices, is argued. The prospects of the professionalization of the community of Russian sociologists of childhood in technologies and methods of research of the new generation are outlined.

Specific directions for research of phenomena related to childhood are specific to Russian sociologists, but they affect the daily life of the entire adult society (parental-children and, more broadly, social relations in families with children born with the use of new reproductive technologies, consumer socialization of children, "glamorization" of Childhood, "informatization from the diapers", etc.). The actual tasks of the Russian sociology of childhood are determined: the activation of public, integrating activities for the realization of the rights of the child and educational work with a community of new specialists. Priority tools are identified using Internet technologies and with the active participation of children themselves.

The article was prepared in the framework of the project 16-06-00792-OGN \ 18 "Childhood in the socio-humanitarian perspective: thesaurus", supported by the RFFI.

Keywords: childhood; sociology of childhood; sociological associations; research committee; legitimization; Russian sociology of childhood; researches of childhood

  • Pavlov Boris S.,  Ikingrin Elena N., Pronina Elena I. Premarital Matrimonial Behavior among Students as a Subject of Sociological Analysis

Abstract: The article emphasizes the idea that the face of the danger of depopulation regime for the reproduction of Russia's population, currently demographic policy (federal, regional and municipal) in the first place puts the task of forming a stable value orientation and behavior in the young population, which is aimed at the creation of families with two children - "necessarily", and families with three children - "very desirable"!

Keywords: marriage and family relations; matrimonial behavior; cohabitation; civil marriage; reproductive attitudes; youth; premarital sexual relations; demographic policy; socialization; professional socialization

  • Ivanova Elena Yu., Antonov Yuriy E. Early Career Guidance as an Innovative Form of Advancing Self-Determination Preschoolers

Abstract: The article examines some approaches to the use of career counseling in the process of teaching and educating preschoolers. The career guidance work with preschoolers in preschool has been activated in the preschool institutions, as well as in the leisure centers and in the institutions of additional education. The main problem of adaptation the early career guidance' programs to modern conditions is the lack of a material base, a subject-developing environment, methodical and methodological ideas for the programs of the advancing career guidance in the regional context. The new forms of involvement of preschoolers in the professional environment, allowing by the interactive methods to organize educational and cognitive process.

Keywords: early career guidance; education; self-determination preschoolers; socialization

  • Gubanova Alexandra Yu. Internet and It-Technologies in the Life of Russian Children at the Beginning of the XXI Century

Abstract: The article describes the results of the first stage of the network research “The Occurrence of Childhood of Generation Z”in terms of the inclusion of modern internet-technologies in the lives of children and adolescents in the late XX - early XXI centuries are considered, taking into account the settlement peculiarities of the respondents' living places in childhood.

Article made within the grant of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (the project 16-06-00792-OGN \ 18 «Childhood in the socio-humanitarian perspective: Thesaurus»).

Keywords: children; teens; childhood; Internet; information and communication technologies

  • Grishaeva Natalia P., Strukova Lyubov M. Tools of Socialization of Young Children in Kindergarten in Russia

Abstract: The article considers the possibility of using new technologies of socialization of children such as "Volunteer-children" and "Social actions": methods, content and results aimed at consolidating the efforts of parents and teachers to develop social competencies of preschool children.

Keywords: socialization of preschool children; children-volunteers; social actions; social competence; socializing parent

  • Ivanova Natalia A. Values of Students as a Factor of National Security

Abstract: The article presents the results of the author's sociological survey of students of Moscow universities (N=400, spring 2017). The study was devoted to the General assessment of the situation in Russia, the nature of fears and threats, ideas about the future of Russia, the formation of spiritual, moral and civil-Patriotic values of students. The urgency of social and administrative tasks of the state in the formation of Patriotic values of students is shown. The great role of the education system in ensuring national security is emphasized.

Keywords: students; national security; value; patriotic education

  • Rybakova Marina V. Youth Policy as a Factor of Human Development

Abstract: Youth policy in modern Russia plays a significant role, being one of the defining directions of development of the country. The efficiency of youth policy depends on the level of human development.

Keywords: welfare state, youth policy of the Russian Federation, young people, human potential, human development index potential.

  • Gokova Olga V. The Collaboration between the Authorities and Society in the Field of the Pronatalist Policy

Abstract: This article revealed the essence of the pronatalist policy and clarified the meaning of it in the context of political sociology as a vector of the population demographic policy. The population demographic policy, in turn, represents a set of activities implemented by the government authorities and directed at the population growth, at the decline in natural population wastage through an increase in the birth rate. The article shows the connections between the pronatalist policy and the existing demographical and sociological concepts and theories, and also examines the main approaches to its definition.

Keywords: pronatalist policy; demographic policy; anti-natalist policy; neo-Malthusianism; forms and types of pronatalist policy

  • Khamonkova Elizaveta S., Smirnova Olga V. The Characteristics the Time Reflexion of Adolescents with Different Level of Intellectual Development

Abstract: This article describes the conception of «time reflexion». The authors explains the importance of self-awareness a person in time in adolescence. The article discusses the study results about of peculiarities the time reflexion in adolescents. The study is based on comparative analysis of peculiarities the time reflexion in adolescents with high and low level of intellectual development.

Keywords: time reflexion; time perception; intellectual development; adolescents

  • Pogrebnyak Larisa A. The Features of Independence Expressed in the Behavior of Urban and Rural Preschoolers

Abstract: The study has been performed within the framework of preschool pedagogy and psychology. The article is devoted to the comparative study of the features of independence expressed in the behavior of urban and rural senior preschoolers. At present, the problem of developing independence in preschool children is quite urgent, because, according to some observations, due to various circumstances, parents of preschool children do not pay enough attention to this aspect of upbringing.

The purpose of this research was to study the features of independence expressed in the behavior of urban and rural preschoolers. The relevance of the study is caused by the importance of creating conditions for the development of independent behavior by children of preschool age. In particular, the study focuses on the peculiarities of modern family upbringing of senior preschoolers, the role of parents in the formation of a child’s personality and on the way family upbringing influences the formation of independent behavior in 5-7 years old children. A generalized analysis of the study made it possible to have a fresh look at the problem of fostering independence of senior preschoolers from different angles. The analysis provided a good opportunity to make a generalized portrait of a modern urban and rural senior preschooler and his/ her parent.

The study involved 84 rural preschoolers, 102 urban preschoolers. 63 parents of rural preschoolers and 98 parents of urban preschoolers also took part in the study. The total number of study participants was 347.

Keywords: preschool; children; parents; communication; different social conditions

  • Dyatlova Daria A. The Opinion of Parents with Many Children on Assistance from the State

Abstract: Currently, the topic of many children is extremely relevant and it is explained by the demographic situation in the country. The decline in the population in the country harms social stability. In the Russian Federation, a family policy aimed at stimulating large families, that is constantly improving. However, some changes sometimes cause a negative assessment on the part of the state. Therefore, it is important to know how to treat state projects and laws themselves parents with many children, and what they think about it. The article presents some results of a pilot study on the topic of the opinions of parents with many children about state support.

Keywords: the large family; parents with many children; state support, benefits

  • Filipova Alexandra G., Vysockaya Alena V. Social Problems of Russian Childhood: Materials of State Statistics

Abstract: In the work, the social problems of Russian childhood are examined at the individual, personal and family levels of manifestation. Contradictions in the realization of children's rights to life, family environment, state support are analyzed with the use of data from Russian statistics for the 2010s.

Keywords: Russian childhood; social problems; the rights of the child

А также статья М.Ю. Уксусовой в разделе Part II. Culture and Education (Digital Society, Media, and Religion):

  • Uksusova Marina Y., Leonova Olga A. Features of Implementing Inclusive Education

Abstract: The article deals with the role of a tolerant attitude in the context of the introduction of inclusive education, the attitude of society towards people with disabilities. Conclusions are given about the general situation that has arisen in pedagogical theory and practice in connection with the introduction of inclusive education.
Keywords: tolerant attitude; children with disabilities; model of inclusive education; psychological readiness of the teacher to work with children with disabilities

Power, Violence and Justice: Reflections, Responses and Responsibilities. View from Russia [Electronic resource]: collected papers XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology «Power, Violence and Justice: Reflections, Responses and Responsibilities» ( Toronto, Canada, July 15-21, 2018) / Editor-in-Chief V. Mansurov. Moscow: RSS; FCTAS RAS. 2018. – 441 p. 1 СD ROM; 12 sm – system requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/10 – Title from disk label. ISBN 978-5-904804-24-4 2018

Abstract: «Power, Violence and Justice: Reflections, Responses and Responsibilities. View from Russia» is a collection of papers of Russian sociologists from different regions of the Russian Federation. The papers present achievements of the Regional Affiliations and Research Committees of the Russian Society of Sociologists, which are dealing with problems of social life under conditions of the processes of the transformation, modernization and the prospects of development of the Russian society. In the chapters the book considers the methodological problems of contemporary sociology; the problems of the Childhood and Youth, Education and Religion; the important sociological aspects of Migration, Population, Deviance and Ecology; the sociology of professions and professionalism; actual problems of the social communications, problems of regions and cities are in a focus of theoretical discussions of the social sciences.

The book will be of interests for scholars, scientists, postgraduate students, students, lecturers and teachers and for the experts in the sphere of the social forecasting and analyzing.