Project concept

In recent years, the theme of childhood became the subject of attention not only of scientists – members of different spheres of knowledge, but also the government structures. Adopted National Strategy of Action for Children for 2012-2017 and are currently implementing various organizations (government, social agencies, juridical organizations, educational and cultural institutions). Furthermore, in 2013-2015 years new documents have been prepared, such as "The concept of children’s information safety", "Concept of the State Family Policy 2025", “Strategy for the development of education in Russian Federation” and others.

General information about the situation of children in Russia are integrated in the annual public report "State report on the situation of children and families with children in Russian Federation", which is being prepared by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection in Russian Federation. However, this report is based mostly on the statistical data.

Basically, the documents which listed above are based on the results of various studies, but at the same time, we can say that this is not enough. Not all research data in various fields of knowledge which deserve attention, were used in the preparation of these documents. In addition, many of the documents adopted are too declarative, they use many different terms, the essence of which is sometimes formulated only in general terms.

To do this you must first carry out the creation of a new glossary, and also begin to develop a thesaurus for childhood. For this purpose it should be created reliable methodological foundation, and it already exists. This - relatively new to the Russian sphere of knowledge - the sociology of childhood, which in many ways is interdisciplinary, incorporating and integrating knowledge in a number of social sciences and humanities.

From the perspective of the famous scientist I. Kon, who had accomplished an interdisciplinary synthesis of knowledge in his monographs (worked in fields such as history, sociology, psychology, ethnography of childhood), exactly the sociology of childhood can serve as a basis for structuring and generalization of various sciences, above all, social and humanities.

This research has theoretical and methodological in nature and is based on the analysis and synthesis of published socio-cultural research of the field of childhood at early 21st century, and interviews with the CEOs of major social surveys childhood past decade (Sobkin V., Polivanova K., Tsymbalenko S., Sharikov A., Adamyants T. etc.).

The result of the work is expected would be creation a new glossary and thesaurus of childhood, which are intended not only to update the sphere of knowledge about the childhood, but also the development of new methodological approaches to the study of childhood. Glossary and Thesaurus could be the basis for uniting scientists, a gathering experts on childhood. At the beginning of this task would be implemented through the publication of a number of scientific articles on the project.

As the result of the work would be given suggestions on the development of new sections and indicators to the basic public report on the situation of children in Russia, as well as on working of the structure of the supplementary report as a periodic annex for it entitled "Childhood in the socio-humanitarian perspective: the results of research".